Business & Entertainment

Our Entertainment, Artist-Centered, and Small Business related services include:


  • Register and protect trademark rights associated with your brand.

LLCs and Corporations

  • Intelligently select your entity type and file the appropriate documents to be in business.


  • Negotiate and draft binding contracts that preserve your working relationships and secure your interests.


  • Create financial documents that protect your interests and the interests of your investors.


  • Register and protect your valuable copyright assets.

Rights of Privacy and Publicity

  • Know the limits of parody and homage.


  • Be informed as to what speech isn’t free.

Release Forms

  • Get permission before you get in trouble.

“Taylor, Couldn’t have made the film without you! Thanks for everything!” – Lovinder Gill, Producer, Screenwriter, and Director


“As an independent film producer, I have to rely upon a tight knit group of individuals I can trust who can perform under pressure at the highest level. For my legal work and needs, Taylor has more than fit that bill. He provides great counsel and advice, and is on top of his game. I value our relationship and the services he provides… and you will, too.”

Jeruvia Jones, film producer and screenplay writer; Derrick K. Gondwe Visiting Scholar Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA.
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